which is better baby formula brand?

European Baby Formula Or American Baby Formula Which Is Best?

If you’re a new parent, then you probably have several questions about baby formula and the selection process. Most parents don’t know that one of the most important factors to consider when choosing baby formula is the type of dairy produced. In other words, European and American baby formulas are the same dairy products, but European baby formula tends to contain more cow milk and less soy. For the most part, the flavor of the milk doesn’t vary much between the two formulas.

It’s simple to see the reason why most parents

choose cow milk over soy milk. For one thing, Europeans tend to produce far more milk than Americans do. Europeans tend to have a higher percentage of adults with lactose intolerance, which means they must drink more soy milk to compensate for their lack of intolerance. Europeans also typically have a lower occurrence of food allergy outbreaks. Soy is not digested easily by infants, so the higher percentage of adults and infants who have food allergy-related problems may be a factor in why European milk has a higher yield of milk. Americans, on the other hand, typically have more lactose intolerance and adults tend to need more soy milk to compensate.

Another consideration

is the type of fat used in making the milk. Most European babies and adults can process fat properly. Americans, on the other hand, tend to experience digestive problems with some types of fat. The combination of European baby formula and higher fat content makes cow milk the better choice for lactose intolerant babies.

Does this mean American baby formula is bad?

No. Only through extensive research has it been shown that cow milk is nutritionally inferior to other types of milk. Today’s modern cow milk production methods are more efficient and are much more superior to the processes that took place a century ago. This means we get more out of our money. Europeans simply consume far more of the dairy products produced in this country than Americans.

Recent studies indicate that our babies

seem to prefer the consistency and nutrient profile of European milk over that of cow milk. It has been determined that babies fed a cow milk diet from the time they were born until they were approximately one year old, that these babies developed their first milk teeth at age six months and that at age seven, these babies were ready to receive human milk. These studies indicate that babies fed cow milk have an easier time digesting it and are more likely to be less likely to suffer milk allergies. European milk has also been determined to help babies gain weight.

So, which is better?

The answer is… largely dependent upon your baby’s individual needs. Each baby’s body will react to milk from a different breed of milk. Your baby’s diet will also vary, and some babies will develop allergies to certain types of formula. Also, while cow milk is undoubtedly the most natural and safest option for your new baby, European baby formula may be a better choice depending upon your baby’s individual needs. As always, be sure to consult your pediatrician.

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