What Can Orthokeratology Do For Your Eye Health?

method is often used in order to correct the vision of individuals

The field of orthokeratology is the application of pressure on the eye through the application of various techniques. This method is often used in order to correct the vision of individuals who suffer from presbyopia. In some cases, orthokeratology is also used to address other vision problems such as strabismus or lazy eye. In addition, orthokeratology can be applied to treat astigmatism, glaucoma, cataract and presbyopia. It is often used in conjunction with optometrists.

Many people believe that wearing orthokeratology lenses or having surgery to correct vision through them can be uncomfortable. In fact, this is far from true because wearing orthokeratology lenses or having surgery to correct vision through them is not at all different from wearing sunglasses or contact lenses. Typically, individuals who wear them are extremely comfortable throughout the day. Even when they are wearing their contact lenses, individuals find it easy to read, watch television, listen to music or do homework. Thus, it is very likely that there is no reason for individuals to avoid or delay orthokeratology treatment simply because they feel uncomfortable.

provide an acceptable level of correction

In orthokeratology, the pressure applied to the eye causes the patient to perceive a change in the lens power, focus or diameter of the lens. Each lens varies in ability to provide an acceptable level of correction. As the patient wears their lenses, a small, progressive force is exerted on the eye using a piston and a syringe. As a result, tiny crystals called microcrystals are forced into the cornea and thereby adjust the iris so that it can focus light appropriately.

The majority of patients wear orthokeratology contact lenses as corrective lenses. However, some may require surgery in order to correct vision. In these instances, an optician will make the decision for the patient. Upon initial consultation, an optician can give you a number of different options in terms of corrective lenses.

promote slow myopia progression

Although the goal of orthokeratology treatments is to correct vision problems, it is also used to promote healthy eye health. An optician may choose to use a combination of techniques such as soft lenses, toric soft lenses, progressive lenses or even toric contact lenses. These techniques are designed to promote slow myopia progression, hypermetropia or astigmatism, and to improve the eye health of patients with eye diseases.

In addition to improving your vision, orthokeratology can help to protect your eyes from the dangers of some forms of eye disease. In particular, the gas permeable type of lenses can be used to treat diseases such as cataracts, age-related macular degeneration or glaucoma. A doctor may recommend orthokeratology if you have crossed your fifties and are experiencing problems with your eyesight. If you smoke cigarettes or have a history of dry eye, an optician may recommend that you see an optician to have your eyes fitted with special lenses called toric contacts in order to reverse the signs of aging. In some cases, specially designed bespoke contact lenses have been known to provide significant improvements to vision.

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