What are the Types of Bags?


A handbag is just not just an accessory. Similar to fashion handbags are an important part of your wardrobe. It is possible to own several types of bags, but the key is knowing what type of bag you prefer. Handbags come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. They are also available in several materials like leather, jute, and canvas to name a few. However, same as fashion handbags, there are an insane amount of other types of bags available in the market.

Ubiquitous Tote Bags

There is the ubiquitous tote bag, which is an extremely versatile piece of gear. Tote bags are available in several different sizes, colors, and patterns to suit a variety of needs. Tote handbags are often featured in fashion magazines, as they offer practicality with stylish flair. Tote handbags have long, tapered handles, usually in brown or black leather. Common accessories include silver or gold buckles and sometimes features such as snap shut-offs, zip-down cell phone pockets, and short handles.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are frequently seen in gym bags and work bags. They come in several different colors and patterns and can be bought in many different materials including leather goods, canvas, and jute. Tote handbags are often used to carry purses and have a strong utilitarian design since they are used to carry many items at once.

Western-style Handbags

A typical western-style handbag is a small bag that has a single large flat entryway pocket and a series of smaller pockets, or pockets on its own. Western bags typically have a single large interior pocket with an adjustable or removable zipper that opens inwards or outwards. Some Western styles of purses have a center zipper pocket that is open and can only be closed with a zipper or snap closure. The rest of the exterior of the bag features a non-removable main compartment, which may not have zippers or other closure options.

Shopping Bags

The shopping bag, also known as a tote bag, is a very popular type of handbag for both women and men. They are worn by both men and women and come in a variety of different types and sizes. Shopping bags are commonly carried in supermarkets, department stores, and shopping malls, and can be purchased in many different colors and materials, including cotton, nylon, and canvas.

Clutch Handbags

Another common type of bag is the clutch handbag, which usually features a short strap that is pulled across the body. These bags tend to be smaller than most others, and feature either a plastic or metal chain or a zipper closure on the straps and handle. The clutch itself may be held in the hand or in the purse, depending on the style of the bag and individual preferences. Many clutch bags feature detachable straps or handles and have various attachment options for cell phones or other small items.

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