what are playing cards?

Playing Cards and conjuring

When playing cards were invented, it was probably not intended to be anything more than an easy to stave off gambling method, however as history has shown this is far from the truth. Cards are often used as part of games played at card games or card parties and there is a wide variety of games played with cards. Some games may use regular playing cards, while others may use specially marked cards. Marked cards may even be used as part of trays for playing cards at a game of skill.


Card marking is the method of changing playing cards

so that only identifiable card-shuffling methods can be seen by a conspirator or other mark maker. This allows for different methods of card shuffling to be employed or for card tricks. For many years it was common practice to write the numbers on the backs of the cards to aid card trick players in performing their own special card shuffling tactics. However, this was a somewhat covert attempt to prevent other players from seeing what would be coming up on their cards. As a result, most countries have banned the practice of writing numbers on the backs of cards.


This does not mean that a magician cannot use marked playing cards

to perform magic tricks. The simple matter of using a different playing card in each trick will give a new feeling to the audience while still maintaining the illusion that the same cards are being used. The simplest magic trick that involves playing cards is one where the magician will pass a deck of cards to his audience while pointing to a specific card. When the card is named that card will be revealed and the audience will then be able to see what the magician has hidden in it.


Magic card sleights and card tricks

are much easier to perform if a few simple guidelines have been followed. The first of these is that a magician needs to be able to properly explain what is going on. By giving his audience a simple explanation as to how the card will be dealt they will be more likely to follow along with the performance. This simple clarification needed to take place before the magic began.


Another guideline to follow during card magic

is to ensure that there is some form of dramatic buildup. This is needed because any mistakes that are made in the actual play will be visible to the audience. Magicians do not want to be caught by surprise by making a mistake during their performance and having to deal with all of the embarrassing attention that follows. That is why a well-thought-out dramatic buildup can be so important to the successful execution of a successful magic trick.


Magic card sleights and tricks

can also be performed without using playing cards. In fact, many magicians choose to perform works of conjuring without the use of cards. There are many different types of conjuring that a magician may choose to perform such as spider, blindfolded, or penny loafing. All of these techniques are easy to perform and can be done right at home. By combining these three techniques in one card trick you will be able to give your audience an experience that they will remember for a long time to come.

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