Using the Wiki Page on California Vital Records to Search For Your Family History

Tuolumne County

Tuolumne County is a unique area in northern California. It is one of the most sparsely populated counties in all of California with a total population of only slightly over 5 thousand. Tuolumne County is the southernmost portion of the state of California and has the largest population of any County in the State. In the past, Tuolumne was considered part of the San Diego Riverside County region but has since declared its independence.


Because it is so remote, much of Tuolumne County’s economy relies on the tourism industry. A major portion of Tuolumne County’s budget comes from the sale of souvenirs to those visiting the area for its beautiful cliffs, mountains, and forests. The spectacular views from the treetops provide the perfect backdrop to many outdoor activities and events. Tuolumne County maintains an active Early voting Countywide and Registrar of Deeds office where registered citizens can vote to choose their County Clerk and register to vote. You can also view your County’s current election results on the internet at:

One of the most important public records for the purpose of genealogy is the probate court records. The records will tell you what happened to your ancestors during their time of death and will help determine if your family was given proper burial rites. Many times, if there are no grave stones, your ancestors may still be buried in unmarked graves. You can visit the county seat of Tuolumne at the Sonora Tuolumne National Forests. Here, you will be able to take a tour through the rich wilderness.


If you are researching California genealogy census records, you may also want to visit Sonora and Oat Mountain counties. These areas are known as “Big Valley” because they are home to many Native American tribes. There are at least two Native American reserves in Tuolumne County that are located in the Big Valley. You will find information about the Sonora reservation in the county’s historical archives.

Some of the web sites on the web will allow you to search for information about your family history or conduct searches on individuals. For example, one site, Genealogy Checker, will let you search or enter names into a browser and it will retrieve information about your ancestor(s) as well as other information about them. For more detailed searches, such as checking on death records, newspaper obituaries, or genealogy, you can visit a wiki page on California vital records.


Many different things can be done with a little bit of research into the background of a person. You can even find more specific information by using the right keywords. When you type in, for instance, “male, Asian male” you will get some different results than if you type in “Asian male” alone. The Tuolumne County Clerk of Court maintains a database of past litigations and all of the relevant information. As you search through this site, you can see who has been sued, got custody disputes, who were involved in a criminal trial, and much more. The data is updated frequently and you will be able to see exactly what has happened in your family history as well as where they lived.

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