The benifits of bulletproof backpack armor

Bulletproof Backpack Armor 

When someone mentions the word “backpack armor” the first thing that comes to mind is some sort of military backpack which would be the bane of many a college kid’s fantasies. But what exactly is backpack armor? Backpack armor is any type of protective body armor that is made up of a reinforced ballistic nylon fabric that is placed over a traditional Kevlar bullet plate. Backpack armor comes in various forms which include:


Traditional Backpack Armor

uses a traditional Kevlar-reinforced nylon material which is woven onto a traditional leather or nylon backing. Although these backpacks are still being used by members of law enforcement and members of the armed forces, more civilians are enjoying the benefits of a bulletproof backpack. As time goes on, Kevlar-reinforced nylon has improved and the material itself is starting to replace leather because of the increased strength it provides. Additionally, Kevlar is much more lightweight than leather which makes it easier for manufacturers to produce modern backpack armor.


Bulletproof Backpacks

An upgraded version of the bulletproof backpack armor is the bulletproof backpacks. These packs still utilize Kevlar-reinforced nylon material which is woven into a thick layer on the inside of the pack. However, this layer provides much better protection than the traditional Kevlar backpacks. These packs are often referred to as “rape packs” because they have been designed with small pockets which allow storing of law enforcement and military equipment while still providing adequate protection.


Bulletproof Vest A bulletproof vest

is another form of armor that is sometimes used in place of backpack armor. Unlike the traditional Kevlar-backed pack, a bulletproof vest uses a tungsten coating that is bonded to the bullet which makes it nearly impossible for metal to penetrate. Because of this added layer of defense, the vest offers better protection against metal piercing hits which can cause serious injury or even death. Many law enforcement units use these vests for protection since they can be worn on a person as a uniform.


But there are some drawbacks to this type of armor.

Because it is just another piece of clothing, it does not provide the same degree of self-defense protection that thicker jackets and pants provide. In addition, it does not protect against a ballistic force which means that if you were ambushed by an assailant and you had a bulletproof vest, he could still penetrate your body. On the other hand, if you were to use a heavier caliber bullet, your loved one would have a better chance of surviving a gunshot wound to the head, chest, or stomach.


Regardless of what type of armor you choose

make sure that your loved one doesn’t have any reason to attack you. You must protect yourself when you are out so that you can sleep better at night, enjoy life more, and feel safe while you’re out there. If you or someone you love is having problems with someone that might try to take advantage of them, getting a bulletproof backpack is one of the best ways to help minimize the likelihood of that occurring. If you or your loved one has recently been victimized by a criminal, don’t wait to get the necessary protection. Getting a good case of protective armor, like the kind found in backpacks, could make all the difference.

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