Prevent Dental Problems With Simple Practices

Dental science, also called dentistry and dental medicine, is a division of medicine which includes the study, diagnosis, treatment, prevention of dental diseases, disorders and problems of the oral cavity. The oral cavity is the area included in the face, neck and mouth. The oral cavity is the space surrounding the teeth, bones and gums. The oral cavity is an air filled rich media that helps in sustaining the health of our teeth and the tissues surrounding them. The oral cavity provides most of the absorption of oral fluid. Dental diseases are mainly caused by bad oral hygiene or inappropriate dental maintenance.



The objective of dentistry is to promote overall good health through a complete range of dental care and prevention of diseases. The oral cavity should be cleaned, repaired and treated at regular intervals for the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease. Dentists are well trained professionals who can diagnose the problem, suggest the best treatments and cure it at suitable periods. Periodic examination, diagnosis and treatment are essential for the overall oral hygiene.

Dental Care

Dental care includes periodontal disease, a disease that occurs due to abnormal growth of gums. Gum disease may result in bleeding and abscesses. The dental care therefore, ensures that bleeding and infection are prevented. Dental implant is a new concept in the field of dentistry and it involves replacement of missing teeth with permanent teeth in place of missing teeth. Dental implant is a cost effective solution for those who are unable to replace their teeth due to any of the causes like birth defects, aging, accidents, etc.

It is important to check the age of the person before opting for any dentists. A young person below 18 years should always opt for a registered dentist to get his teeth fixed and maintained. Teenagers and children below the age of 18 years are advised to seek the guidance of their parents. A child who has suffered any tooth loss should immediately contact his or her pediatrician, to assess the damage and the requirement of a root canal and other oral treatment. Usually dentists do not recommend invasive procedures like extraction and braces on children as they do not give proper solutions to the problem. Patients with mild gum disease who have not suffered any serious tooth loss can be advised to wait till their adolescent phase to treat their gum problems.


Dental hygiene should be taught in schools along with teaching kids how to brush and clean their teeth after meals. Regular examination of teeth and mouth is very essential to keep a check on the overall health of a person. Proper oral hygiene reduces chances of various diseases such as tooth decay, cavities and bad breath. It also improves the appearance of the mouth and minimizes facial wrinkles. A healthy smile leads to a happy face.

Good oral hygiene and regular examination of teeth help a dentist to detect any kind of dental ailment at early stages and treat it without any major side effects. Dentists are well aware of various tricks used by some people to avoid treatment. Hence, it is very important to consult a dentist regularly for regular checkups of your gums and teeth to ensure the overall health of your mouth. Regular visit to a dentist will help prevent you from any future problems regarding your teeth and gums.

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