IT Services and Project Management

IT Service

IT service management is basically the activities which are done by an organisation to design, develop, implement, manage and deliver information technology solutions to clients. It is also known as information systems management. The services of an IT service manager should be able to meet the growing demands of businesses in meeting their technological needs. Besides, it is also a good career option for students as it makes them aware of the latest technological advances in the IT world.

IT Service

IT service management requires the application of continuous process improvement (CPSI). This principle states that there should be a constant effort to improve the existing procedures and activities along with the introduction of new techniques, processes or products in order to achieve better understanding of customer needs and requirements. This can only be achieved through a disciplined application of IT service management principles. This helps the organisations to continuously optimise and improve the existing systems to meet client needs and expectations in terms of better customer satisfaction.

IT service level management is a comprehensive approach to the business of computer networks and technical systems. It is a system of activities which aims to build, test, deploy and maintain networks and servers. It encompasses functions such as planning, designing, deploy, monitoring, maintenance, upgrade, back up and security of networks and servers. The overall objective of this process is to define and establish an IT environment, define roles and responsibilities of personnel, design proper policies and procedures for ensuring the efficient use of resources, gather and store information and ensure that all aspects of the network and server are well secured. This helps the system to be more productive and helps to make a competitive IT landscape.

IT Support

IT support service has become very common now days because it involves managing change and incorporating of technologies in support of various processes. This involves knowledge management processes that involve defining, documenting, controlling, monitoring, reporting and controlling. A very important aspect of this process is risk management, which includes identification, analysis and reporting of risks and their mitigation. Service level applications involve a structured process of providing guidance, assistance, solutions and training to enhance IT support functions and services.

IT project management includes the process of managing projects undertaken by experts and being performed by employees who possess specialized knowledge in IT areas. In case of any problems during execution of the project, they are usually handled by the team of professionals. Project management therefore incorporates different processes such as scheduling, resource allocation, decision making, budget management, cost control, communication, quality management, testing, and finally, maintenance.


A complete service portfolio comprises of various elements such as IT support services, e-business software, and virtualization. IT Service management therefore requires a whole lot of tasks like defining project scope, developing functional requirements, acquiring customers’ requirements, defining solutions, implementing solutions, maintaining service quality, upgrading infrastructure, and finally controlling and monitoring the entire process. IT Service providers therefore need to be skilled and trained in all these IT support processes. They should also have the capability of defining and implementing IT policies and procedures, which include IT recruitment, training and development, training management, delivering training and certification, and management of employee resources. The basic aim of IT Service is to provide effective IT solutions to its customers through the most economical and least possible delays and wastage of time and money.

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