Home Gym Flooring Choices and Tips

a lot more equipment

As a self-trained-and now home gym instructor in professional athletics, who has a small garage gym on the second floor of my house, can attest firsthand to many benefits of in-home training. Certainly, without current Covid 19 concerns, another big benefit is the knowing that your home gym is kept as clean as possible and free from bacteria. On a side note, I also have a small “bunkie” style exercise bench which I use whenever I need an extra bench for when I am working out with more than one other person. The nice thing about having a small space is that you can fit in a lot more equipment. Here are some things that I would recommend for you to consider.

I live in a small apartment and sometimes my equipment (and I do use the equipment when I work out) becomes forgotten or lost. However, I still want to be able to be competitive in my workouts. That’s where the treadmill comes into play. Treadmills are great because they take up very little room in your home gym. One drawback to using a treadmill is that if you don’t have a ton of floor space available, it’s not exactly convenient to place a treadmill in your small apartment.

inexpensive treadmill

There are two solutions to this problem. You can purchase an inexpensive treadmill and place it in your small garage. This solution will allow you to place a treadmill in your garage, but unfortunately it won’t help you if you have no floor space and you’re trying to fit a couple of heavy dumbbells on it. Another option is to purchase a multi-purpose rack that fits on your wall in your home gym. These racks are usually adjustable and are great for lifting both dumbbells and barbells.

The most versatile home gym rack that you can buy is a curbside rack. A curbside rack can usually accommodate two different weight ranges. They are great for using in your garage and for storing your weights on when you’re not using them.

complete home fitness workout

So now that you have some workout gear that’s taking up some room in your home, what should you do with it? There’s one answer to that…a mini gym! A mini gym consists of a barbell, a pair of dumbbells, a bench, a towel and a jump rope. These mini gyms can be stored in your closet or a corner of your living room. This solves the problem of needing to use your garage or a storage unit to store the other weight that’s necessary for a complete home fitness workout.

This one exercise bench will give you a full body workout. The towel will help with dryness. The jump rope will help with improving your form. Now all you need to do is get the right home gym flooring so you can start using your new equipment!

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