Green Energy – Clean Energy Sources For Homes

the damage that global warming

The United States has been greatly affected by the damage that global warming is causing across the globe. Because of this, many people have become interested in learning more about green energy. The fact that it comes directly from natural sources without causing much-to-no effect on the planet s overall carbon footprint makes it a very attractive option to many. Geothermal, wind, solar, hydro, and biomass are all viable options for generating electricity without depleting the earth’s natural resources.

One example of this type of power is geothermal energy. This occurs when the earth absorbs heat from the core of the earth which is then radiated out into the atmosphere. There are two types of this type of renewable energy: first is what is commonly known as a passive geothermal system where the main components of the system to absorb the heat naturally through the ground and it is able to radiate that heat throughout the house. Second is a direct exchange system which utilizes pumps to transfer the heat from the core to the house.

a clean source of energy that has made it so popular amongst many people

Another type of renewable energy is solar power. Unlike geothermal systems, solar plants do not require any sort of pump or absorption system. Solar panels simply concentrate the suns rays on its photovoltaic cells to convert them to usable electricity. Unlike other fossil fuels, the sun’s energy is constant so this type of green energy does not harm the environment in any way. The fact that it does not pollute the air or burn up the surface of the earth also makes it a very appealing option. It is the fact that it is a clean source of energy that has made it so popular amongst many people.

Wind turbines and hydroelectric generators fall into the category of active sources of green energy. In the case of wind turbines, the power is generated by a turbine blade spinning in the wind. As such, the wind turbines must be close to bodies of water in order to capture the wind’s energy. Hydroelectric generators use the water itself to turn the generator and create power. Unfortunately, this type of green energy does not generate the electricity necessary for one to run their home; however, it is still a very efficient and green form of alternative energy.

green energy that is becoming increasingly popular

Finally, another form of green energy that is becoming increasingly popular and very reliable is the independent power grid. An independent power grid is simply a group of large towers that are connected to each other and to the larger power grid which provides the electricity needed by the individual houses. While this technology has not seen a great deal of growth in the past few years, it has steadily increased in popularity due to the fact that there have been a number of outages caused by the weather. The technology basically allows homeowners to take their energy production responsibilities off of the local utility company and onto the independent power grid. This allows a homeowner to save money on their monthly electric bill while helping the environment by eliminating some of the more damaging sources of energy like coal and petroleum.

Although there are many forms of green energy that can benefit any homeowner, the two main categories considered green energy sources are hydropower and wind. While both of these technologies are used around the country, hydropower has seen a much greater growth over the last few years. One of the main reasons for this growth is the fact that wind energy requires relatively low maintenance and the turbines do not need to be nearly as large as the wind turbines found in some areas. As a result, hydropower is currently considered to be the most affordable and the most reliable form of clean energy.

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