Dental Marketing

Dental Marketing Ideas That Drive Up New Patient Interest

Dental marketing is essentially the whole process of selling your dental practice to prospective clients, both through traditional means (like print, TV, radio, etc.) or through newer means (the Internet, the Yellow Pages, smartphone apps, etc.). This type of marketing has been used by dental offices for years but has only recently started to take off and become as effective as it has become.


Traditional dental marketing

usually involves gathering patient contact information and then attempting to sell them a service or product. However, in this day and age, there are some new ways that dental marketing can be used to target potential patients. One way is by gathering information on a patient’s medical history. This information can include their family medical history, current medical conditions, allergies, if they smoke, and even if they have had any surgeries recently. This information is used to create a dental care profile that will enable a dentist to build a targeted database of potential patients in the future.


Once a dental marketing campaign

has a patient’s contact information, it will send out several promotional items to that patient at any one time. Some common items include coupons and cards that will allow the customer to purchase a specific product from the dentist’s office. Other promotional items might include informational guides or videos. Either way, all of these items will make the dentist appear more credible to the potential new patient, creating a win-win situation for both parties.


Another important part of dental marketing

that many dentists fail to take advantage of is creating and distributing newsletters to all of the patients in the practice. A well-written newsletter will inform the patients about any specials or services offered by the dental practice and give the patients a sense of involvement with their dentist and their practice. In addition, a quality newsletter will keep current patients interested by giving them useful information about their dentist and their practice.


The last component of a quality dental marketing strategy

is to use digital marketing tools to expand awareness of the dental practice. Digital marketing tools can include anything from banner ads to informational podcasts that provide information on the services offered at the dental practice. The main goal of any digital marketing effort is to get as much exposure to possible clients as possible, which will drive up business and increase patient satisfaction.


There are many elements of a dental marketing idea

that will help drive up new patient interest. Many dental marketing strategies take advantage of the power of email marketing and allow patients to get real-time information on services and discounts right to their email inbox. The more patients who receive daily information regarding their dentist’s practice, the more likely they are to visit the practice at least once in a while. A dentist with an amazing dental marketing idea will take full advantage of this powerful resource.

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